Client Stories

Dr K Mohan, Pulmonologist in UK

I have used the services of One life health care twice now and on both the occasions, I found the team organised and more importantly very efficient. They discuss your needs and arrange a tailor made care package. Communicating with the team was easy and all my requests were taken care of straightaway. The home based services such as doctor assessment, X- ray, blood tests and nursing care were all exceptional. We had the nursing staff for over 2 months and they were punctual, kind and considerate.  Furthermore, it helped us get dad discharged from the hospital early and the same if not better nursing care was provided in the comfort of his own home. It helped a very difficult time more bearable. I would definitely use One life health care again

From Setback to Spiritual Music, S Saraswathi

Saraswathi, a spirited octogenarian faced a major setback when she was diagnosed with a left femur neck fracture. Having endured a similar fracture in the past, Saraswathi was completely devastated this time around and had little hope of returning to normal functioning.

However, our clinical team did not let her give up hope. Along with specialty nurses, they ensured that she received 24/7 support and they monitored and maintained her vitals. From not being able to even move from the bed, today, Saraswathi has a come a long way, thanks to the care provided by Team One Life. Having regained her confidence and faith, she is now back to enjoying her favourite spiritual music in the comfort of her home.

Making Magic for Each Other, Rajeev Shukla

The multi-talented Rajeev Shukla was rendered completely dependent on his wife for all his daily activities, when he suffered a vascular stroke. His communication abilities were limited to nothing but a mere movement of eyes. Needless to say this setback, demotivated him and depleted all his enthusiasm, leaving him tired and frustrated.

That’s when our team stepped in, helping his wife understand how to care for him.

From then on, life changed for Rajeev, our nurses, and his family. Being part of caring for him was more than just a goal for us. We wanted to be there for his wife at every step and help him to live life again with optimism and strength. Today, every time the lovely couple sit down to watch a cricket match or listen to their favourite ever green hits they smile in remembrance of One Life. After all we made this magic possible!

Super Mom Beats the Odds, Anita Ravindran

Anita, a spirited and fun loving mother always made her kids feel like she was one among them.  But her exuberant spirits sagged and life came to a standstill when she was diagnosed with Colorectal Cancer. The very thought of surgery and the aftermath of it left the whole family shattered. To add to this stress, her husband had a strenuous travel schedule. All factors combined to cause extreme anxiety and trepidation about what lay ahead. Soon, she underwent the right hemicolectomy procedure for removal of half of the colon.

It was during this crucial phase of recovery that One Life stepped in. Our multifunctional team of dedicated doctors, nurses and therapists not only helped Anita stay positive but soon became her best friends. A care plan was put together that clearly listed down various interventions and the physical and mental support required to bring her back to her normal best. Support from a registered nurse who was backed by One Life’s medical team provided Anita with careful assistance in daily activities and most importantly with wound care. Step by step, One Life got her back on her feet and restored her beautiful smile.

Grandma Bommi makes it to the wedding in style, Bommiammal

Wedding bells were ringing in the family and Bommiammal was thrilled. Her granddaughter was getting married soon and she was looking forward to blessing her. Unfortunately, her happiness was short lived when she had a fall and fractured her femur.

Bommiammal, who had a history of high blood pressure and diabetes for almost 10 years, had to undergo hemiarthroplasty. This meant that her normal functioning was completely disrupted and she needed help for even the smallest of daily activities. She went through severe stress after her blood pressure and diabetes got aggravated post-surgery.

She hated to put her family though difficulty at a time when all their focus needed to be on the wedding. With great care and patient services day in and out, our nurses helped her regain her energy and thereby helped restore her lost charm. After 24 days of nursing, Bommiammal and Team One Life were happy companions.

The family went about preparing for the wedding and were overjoyed that Bommiammal could attend the wedding too. Not only did Team One Life help her recover, but also accompanied her to her granddaughter’s wedding, making sure she did not miss a single minute.