What is an autoimmune disorder and how it affects the immune system?

Auto immune disorders are a condition in which our own immune system attacks and kills healthy cells in our body by mistake. The areas often affected include blood vessels, connective tissue, muscles, joints, endocrine glands, skin and red blood cells. It may result in

  • The destruction of body tissue
  • Abnormal growth of an organ
  • Changes in organ function

In the elderly, the immune system declines with age and it becomes slower to respond to infections. This condition is called immunosenescence. In a recently conducted study it was found that our body experiences two different kinds of consequences while aging, one is deteriorating immune system and the other one is autoimmune phenomenon. This phenomenon is common in the elderly than in the younger population.


As mentioned earlier, older people are more prone to autoimmune disorder and the symptoms include fatigue, fever, hair loss, skin rashes, low grade fever, achy muscles and numbness & tingling in the hands and feet.

Treatment methods:

Treatment for autoimmune disorder includes various oral or injectable medications and supplements. The focus is on reducing symptoms, controlling the autoimmune process and improving the body’s ability to fight disease. Assistance with movement may be required for people with autoimmune disorders that affect the bones, joints, or muscles. There is no known preventive measure for most autoimmune disorders.


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