Geriatric care at home

With science and technology advancements in place,Cancer patients love to stay at home for being cared of. In home environment and with the loved ones around, cancer patients feel comfortable and have a sense of independence. This leads to a situation where the family members are required to take good care of the cancer patient. This writing will provide a few tips to take care of near and dear ones suffering from cancer in a better and loving way. The tips for the same are shared below:

  • One needs to understand the exact condition of the patient i.e. the exact type and stage of cancer in which the patient is surviving through. The person taking care should talk to the doctor about the Patient’s condition, medication, diet restrictions, schedule of appointments and emergency situation tips etc.
  • The level of care for the patient needs to be determined by the person who is taking care and based on the condition of the patient. The care could be bathing, dressing, mobilizing the patient, administer medicines, therapy sessions etc and this needs to be monitored with complete attention.
  • Task list of what are all needs to be taken into account as a care giving to a cancer patient involves quite a few tasks. The task list will ensure organized work and no schedules will be missed.
  • Decision making regarding schedules and other details relating to the patients needs to be done with complete involvement of the cancer patient themselves,so that they feel taken care of well.
  • More than any other support,emotional support is the most important for any patient especially cancer patient who are going through a very bad patch in life. If they are emotionally strong,it is easy to take care of them.

Above mentioned tips if followed with due diligence, the practice of taking care of cancer patient will be organized and timely.