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Dehydration in summers is the highest level of risk a person can face as the temperatures soar high in the season. The main reasons behind the dehydration is increasing levels of sweat, higher levels of humidity in the air etc. The increasing levels of sweat is not able to evaporate faster due to higher levels of humidity leading to increasing temperatures in the body requiring more fluids to re hydrate. The kids are more prone to dehydration in summers as their bodies’ get hot faster and sweat more leading to dehydration. They are required to be prompted to take more fluids than the adults as they don’t drink as much water they are supposed to drink to replace the lost fluids from the body. This is due to their engrossed outdoor activities in the sun as they are in their holidays having fun. In such a scenario the following steps are to be taken to avoid dehydration in summers this time around:

  • One should carry water bottle all along whenever one is going out in the peak summer. The water needs to be drunk often even when not feeling thirsty. People can take lemon juice, orange juice, coconut water, watermelon or watermelon juice etc. to keep drinking fluids interesting.
  • Each day one should start with a glass of water and end the day with a glass of water and in the middle one should finish 5 liters of water to keep themselves hydrated.
  • Fresh and green vegetables like cucumber celery, lettuce, spinach, zucchini and rock melon should be included in our daily meal along with fresh and seasonal fruits like musk melon, grapes, Jumbo plums, strawberries, watermelons etc. for beating the heat and for avoiding dehydration.
  • Usage of alcoholic drinks and caffeine rich drinks needs to be consumed at the minimum level and the soft drinks along with carbonated drinks are to be reduced as they pull water from the body and enhance dehydration.
  • Sugar intake needs to be reduced as it slows down the absorption of the fluids in the body. The fruit juices are to be consumed in a diluted version.
  • The dresses worn needs to be cotton, light colored and loose fitted ones to avoid sweating the peak summers and to keep the body cool.
  • The indoors can be kept cool by drawing curtains and blinds in the day time and by opening the windows in the night.
  • Avoid going out in the Sun in the peak hours of 11 to 2 and if the situation demands then carry an umbrella and eye shades to keep ourselves safe from the heat. Use shady places to walk and avoid exposure to sun as much as possible.

If the above steps are followed then the body will be well hydrated and dehydration can be kept at bay this summer.