COPD care at Home

Every person who comes on Earth needs to leave when the time comes. It is the end of life care that is provided to the people who are going through life struggles and nearing their end. The end of life care is essential for palliative care given to the people moving towards their end as the time frame of the life span is not predictable. In such a situation end of life care is provided for a dignified and supportive death. The end of life care provided includes additional support like legal help, financial help etc for a peaceful life towards the end.

The people who are in the end of life situation are the ones as listed below:

  • The people who are in a critical state having advanced incurable illness such as cancer, dementia or motor neuron disease.
  • The people who are generally weak and have co-existing conditions that mean they are expected to die within a year.
  • The people who have existing conditions, if they are at a risk of dying from a sudden crisis.
  • The people who have a life threatening acute condition which has been created due to sudden catastrophic event, such as accident or stroke

The people who are in end of life, need to be helped to live well until they die,die with less pain and peace in mind. In order to do,they need to be provided with good environment and positive attitude to take up life and its end as it comes. The preferences of the people in end of life care needs to be asked for and the same needs to be taken into account while providing the worked out plan. The support needs to be given towards all the activities that keep the people in the end of their lives happy like playing games, in their career, family entertainment etc. This is the end of life care given at home.