COPD care at Home

The advancement in medical world is tremendously increasing every single day. There are numerous treatments and facilities available to meet the customized needs of individual patients. End of life care is a situation faced by some older adults who require an immense amount of tender and focused care to treat their chronic illness which is incurable and/or in an advanced stage and when the general prognosis is poor. The nursing care givers at One Life Health Care ensure that such patients are taken proper care with the due cooperation of the families at the comfort and security of their homes. Palliative care and Hospice are such type of services rendered by the nursing caregivers from One Life Health Care at the doorstep of the patients.

The symptoms include lack of sleep, being restless, decrease in the intake of fluid or food, breathing problems, etc. The attitude, confidence and experience of the nurses are the important aspects to be taken care of. The main aim of the nursing care givers from One Life Health Care is to provide the following to the patients:

  • Provide the necessary medications to the patient as per the advice of the Doctor.
  • Provide the patient with the necessary assistance both emotionally and medically.
  • Bring in more of a positive and a cheerful environment.
  • Being friendly and satisfying their final desires
  • The family members must be counseled to handle the grief and remain positive

There is a famous quote which says “The end of life deserves as much beauty, care, and respect as the beginning.” In the same way, end of life care is an art that is to be spectacularly executed by the nursing care givers and the families in handling the patients.