palliative care at home

Falls are one of the main reasons for complications leading to increase in death rates amongst elderly.  This acts as a major source for serious injuries in the brain, and also fractures in critical areas like the hip, knee etc. There is thus a need for utmost care for the elderly people to prevent them from the consequences of falling. Once an older person falls down and gets injured, they have a constant fear lingering in their mind thereby hampering the quality of their life and their ability to do any sort of physical activities. The reasons include weakness, inability to balance, illness, delicate body type, problems in the eyesight etc. Therefore, care for such senior people in terms of prevention from falling has become a vital aspect.

The nursing care givers at One Life Health along with the Doctors suggest the following steps to be adhered to at home along with their professional help at the patient’s doorstep:

  • A proper therapy in terms of exercise has to be done by the older adults, which will strengthen their muscles and brings in proper body balance. Onelife Healthcare provides physiotherapy services at the comfort of patient’s own homes.
  • Necessary medications should be given with adequate Vitamin D supplements.
  • A structured diet prescribed by the doctors should be followed meticulously keeping in mind the nutrition aspects.
  • Having support rails, and having floor tiles that increase visibility and promote grip are simple and effective anti slip measures.
  • The state of mind of the patient should be calm and composed. This can be done by hearing to mild music, spreading positive thoughts and cheerful environment to be maintained by the family and friends around them.
  • Attending eye check ups and hearing assessments at the regular intervals.
  • The safety and comfort factors at home should be suitable for them, thereby making their daily life routine much easier.
  • Their clothing and footwear is also quite important. This will provide them more confidence in their everyday routine, thereby decreases the chances of falling.

One Life Health Care has thus enunciated the above key points to emphasize on fall risk prevention in older adults and provides professional help to such patients at their door step.