Emergency procedures Burns

Fractures happen when a large amount of force is unexpectedly applied on an individual’s bones. Such fractures that happens to people aged 65 or above, are termed as geriatric fractures, and are a major contributory cause of mortality and requires immediate attention. The various types of such fractures include fracture of the spine, hip fractures, injury with respect to the ankle, hand, shoulder, foot etc. The major symptoms are swelling, constant pain, bruises, unable to move the affected area or the joints etc.The diagnosis is confirmed by the clinical signs, examination and by X-Ray, MRI or CT Scan.

The patient has to be given the necessary treatment either by a medication, traction, by inserting a splint or surgery has to be done if it is indicated. Once the treatment is imparted, we at One Life Health Care suggest various precautions and care that has to be given for the patients at home after they are discharged from the hospital. One Life Health Care has nursing care givers who are experienced enough to handle such patients with utmost care as the fractures takes more time to heal especially for elderly people.

The nursing care givers from One Life Health Care ensure that the following things are done for the elderly patients to help them recover soon from the geriatric fractures:

  • A healthy diet has to be followed for the patients which is rich in Vitamin D and Calcium in order to strengthen the power of the bones.
  • The necessary exercises has to be regularly done by the patients for faster recovery
  • The patients have to stay away from any form of alcohol
  • In certain cases, physiotherapy will be given by an One Life physiotherapist who would visit the patient at the required intervals.
  • Proper activity is required to prevent muscle wasting.
  • The necessary medication has to be given at the right time.
  • Better pain management and other factors like positivity and being friendly makes the patient more comfortable in the routine.
  • All of this at the comfort, security and familiarity of your loved one.