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Introduction to Spirometry

Spirometry is conducted by a doctor to diagnose the chronic respiratory or lung related diseases like Asthma, COPD or any other chronic breathing issues that leads a patient to stay on bed for a longer period of time. Spirometry is used periodically to monitor the condition of the lungs of the patient and to understand whether the treatment provided for the chronic condition aids in breathing better. It is essential that a person who is bed ridden and has these issues should be provided with spirometry exercises for the reason explained in the next segment below:

Importance of Spirometry exercises in Bedridden Patients

Bed ridden patients cannot move from one place to another due varied reasons and if they are diagnosed with chronic pulmonary or lung related issues they are required to be given the incentive spirometry exercises that will aid them to breathe better and feel good. The deep breathing exercises are also essential to clear the chest and the breathing tract of the patient as they are unable to move to get the air circulated within their body.

In order to do the deep breathing exercises the patients are provided with Spirometer and the patients have to use this gadget twice a day to get better breathing in their body.  If the patient is able to sit up and do the exercise, it is well and good. If not then they can do this while lying down.

  • Initially the Spirometer needs to be adjusted based on the level the therapist has suggested for the patient.
  • Next step is to allow the patient to exhale and then place the mouthpiece of the Spirometer in his or her mouth.
  • Now ask the patient to take deep breath through the mouthpiece and hold the same for 3 seconds.
  • Now let out the breath outside the mouthpiece.
  • Keep repeating this exercise for 10 breaths and keep increasing the breath as per the instruction provided by the therapist.

Each time the patient needs to reach the goals prepared by the therapist and once reaching the goal the next level needs to be set in. This is an exercise and a monitoring the operation of the lungs.

The main benefits of spirometer exercises are that the patients get rid of the excess fluid and the germs forming inside the lungs that can cause diseases. These exercises strengthen the lung muscles and thereby the patient will be less prone to infections.

If all the above parameters and spirometer exercises are followed then the patients will be able to recover from the illness faster.