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With the age of fast forward and tension rich environment, Diabetes mellitus is a common phenomenon in young and old respectively. Keeping the blood sugar levels in control is the major issue faced by all across the ages. The biggest challenge is to restrict the sugar levels between the recommended limits which is suggested by the doctor. The variations in blood sugar levels is not very healthy for the body and they happen due to varied factors like unhealthy food, lack of exercise, too much of stress, family situations, irregular food habits etc. All these are a part of our life style and if we don’t change, then the killer disease within our body will kill us slowly like a silent killer.

Health is essential for generating more wealth, so changing the lifestyle is the best way to avoid variations in blood sugar levels. The below practice will help the sugar level to come in control from an uncontrolled level.

  • The diabetes management can be done through learning how much carbohydrates as taken-in, as the carbohydrates are the major component of food that make a huge impact on the blood sugar levels. The food on the plate needs to be charted out before having it by the help of measuring cups or a scale to ensure proper portion size and an accurate carbohydrate count is in.
  • Peaceful mind is a place of heaven. Keep your surroundings peaceful with less noise and soothing music whenever the mind is stressed out. Best way to relax is to do light breathing exercises.
  • The balanced meal needs to be coordinated with the medicines which we are taking especially when the patient is on Insulin. This can be administered through physician’s guidance.
  • Other than food the main part is to keep oneself fit with physical activities. Physical activities use up the sugar levels to build up energy in the body. Just a walk for a mile per day is good for diabetic control.

Thus regular physical activities will keep the sugar levels in control. Breathing exercises along with physical activities keeps a person healthy and fit. Thus following the above activities in lifestyle can completely control the sugar levels in the body.