liver failure

Introduction to CKD

CKD or Chronic Kidney Disease is a condition in a patient where the kidneys do not perform the functions that they are supposed to carry out. This condition is much prevalent in older people but it can happen to anyone at any age based on their body condition and food intake. CKD does not show many symptoms in the early stages and can be detected only through urine or blood tests.

Acute CKD can be managed at home by following certain life style changes in the living behavior of the patients as stated below:

  • The blood pressure and blood sugar needs to be kept under control with the physician’s advice on the level of both. These should be regularly monitored either at home with an array of devices available in the market
  • Weight needs to be maintained as per the BMI index to have a healthy routine
  • Eating habits are to be maintained based on the diet chart provided by the physician where calories are to be maintained but restriction on sodium, fluids and protein is to be maintained.
  • Exercise is to be included in the regular routine based on the physician’s advice so that the weight, blood pressure and blood sugar will remain under control.
  • Any bad habits are to be avoided for a better living in an Acute CKD state.

Acute CKD can be managed at home by avoiding the following steps:

  • Medicines not prescribed by the doctor needs to be avoided as it might cause further damage to the kidneys leading to dangerous situations for the patients. Anything relevant to medicine needs to be consulted with the doctor before administered to the patient.
  • Any illness leading to dehydration needs to be avoided and if occurred then it should be promptly looked in to without much delay under a doctor’s supervision.
  • Any product that contains magnesium needs to be avoided like antacids, laxatives as they increase the risk of high levels of magnesium in the body leading to vomiting or diarrhea or in some cases both.

When all the above steps are taken care of at home with much due diligence then the patient with Acute CKD issues can be much safer and happy in a home environment rather than staying in a hospital environment.