taking medicines


In today’s most susceptible environment, all of us are prone to varied infections especially the older and the younger generation. Most of the infections are caused by microscopic organisms called pathogens namely virus, bacteria, parasites or fungi which enters our bodies, thereby multiply and disrupt the functions of our internal systems. These disruptions often lead to infectious diseases and leading to low immune system. These infections can enter our system through our hands, legs, nose, ear, mouth, anus, genital passage etc. In such a case we need to adopt certain measures to avoid such infections from entering our system and weaken it. These precautions or measures are discussed in detail below:

  1. Good personal hygiene habits have to be developed like washing hand before and after eating food, after doing gardening work, after playing with a pet, after doing dishes and washing clothes etc.
  2. Covering one’s mouth when sneezing or coughing with a tissue paper and once done the tissue should be discarded in the dustbin.
  3. Any cuts or animal bit should be tended with an antiseptic first and then needs to be taken to a doctor for tetanus injection.
  4. Rinse all the food articles before eating or cooking in running water
  5. Use mosquito repellents in case of mosquito stricken area.
  6. Keep the washroom and toilets clean by pouring antiseptic liquid regularly
  7. Keep the garbage in closed dustbins so that the rodents and other animals are kept away.
  8. Keep your pet and children’s vaccinations up to date.

9 The house and the surroundings should be kept clean by draining the stagnant water to avoid mosquito and other virus breeding.

10 Any wounds needs to be given time to heal without being picked up and should be tended well with mediation as prescribed.

If the above measures are taken up with due diligence one can avoid infections at any point in life especially in case of elders and children.