post operative care

Nursing care at home is provided for people who are confined to four walls of their homes temporarily or permanently due to some illness. The other reasons for the requirement of nursing care at home are

  • If a patient has been brought back home after a major surgery or long stay in range of months in intensive care unit.
  • Any kind of chronic disease which is aggravating and needs special care at home.
  • Prolonged illness that needs extra attention and long time care,that can’t be given hospital.

In such situations professional nursing care is essential to be carried out within the home premises giving the following care on Professional level:

  • Palliative care, Wound and Intravenous Therapy
  • Education about chronic diseases and healthy living needs to be imparted.
  • Rehabilitation services in case of memory loss or behavioural issues needs to be provided
  • Self care training to the patients may need to be imparted in case of isolation period.
  • The family needs to be trained for providing care to the patients in the time of absence of nursing care.

Other than professional care, nursing care also includes personal care provided to the patients within the home premises:

  • The patients are provided with care in personal hygiene like bathing, showering, hair washing, shaving, oral hygiene and nail care. This is provided to patients who are not able to able to perform any of their activities on their own. Other patients who are mobile and active are provided with training to do these on their own with much vigilance.
  • Toilet habits are also taken care along with skin care, stoma care, changing bed etc. For patients who are bed ridden
  • Diet for the patients is also taken care in preparation and feeding the same on time.
  • Medication of the patients is also taken care by providing assistance in any of the situations.

The above said cannot be carried out only by family members but a professional Nursing care is needs to be placed at home for better environment at home.