Better than Hospitalization

Introduction to O2/Nebulisation

In today’s world due to extensive pollution being emitted in the air, people are prone to respiratory problems at regular intervals. In most of the cases nebulisation is done which is nothing but a process by which a drug or a medicine is transformed into mist like medium that directly enters into the patient’s lungs. It is generally given for patients suffering from asthma, other genetic disorders like Cystic Fibrosis, inflammatory lung disease like COPD etc.

A nebulizer is a device used in the process of nebulisation which resembles a mask like thing which is worn on the face by the patient. There will be a hose and once the medicine cup is filled with the required medication, then the hose and the face mask is linked to the medicine cup. The face mask is finally placed on the patient’s mouth so that the medication enters the patient’s mouth through the mask. It is thus a process of pumping in the required percentage of oxygen so that the overall respiration process runs in a smooth way.

O2/Nebulisation at home

In case nebulisation is given at home, the following steps would be meticulously followed:

  •  The respective health care centre will generally arrange for such nebulisers but if a patient often suffers from such respiratory problems, then they will have their own nebuliser at home.
  • It is necessary to maintain the nebuliser in a hygienic way by changing the pumps and the filters at the required intervals.
  • The prescribed drug should be given to the patient through the nebuliser in the appropriate quantity.
  • The care taker should know what to do in case the nebuliser doesn’t function properly.
  • Any allergic reaction on the patient’s health should immediately be brought to the notice of the Health Care Centre
  • The hose should be checked regularly as there may be block which affects the working of the nebuliser.
  • The entire equipment as such should be serviced regularly for better safety and to enhance its overall performance.

In certain cases, the family members will be taking care of the patients. In such situation, the respective family member should be aware of the entire process, right from understanding the need of such nebulisation, preparing the medication, setting up the process, administering, checking the duration of the nebulisation, post process of cleansing the overall equipment etc.

Thus it is a simple procedure but the respective caretaker has to handle it in the right manner.