Osteoarthritis is usually observed in older adults where the protective layer in the joints called cartilage breaks down over a period of time. It actually damages the various joints in the body and ageing is one of the main reasons for this to take place. Joints in the hand, knee, hip, etc are the mainly affected areas and the symptoms include chronic pain, rigidity or firmness in the joints, not being flexible etc.

Thus the doctors at One Life Health Care advice the patients to immediately consult them at the earliest in case the pain and the other symptoms persist for a long period of time. Early diagnosis of osteoarthritis through an X-Ray, MRI Scan and Blood investigations can be done and based on the diagnosis, necessary treatment and medications could be taken.

The nursing caregivers from One Life Health Care provide the best treatments at home and bring in the necessary changes in the lifestyle of the patients through the following initiatives:

  • They ensure that the patients do their exercises regularly that includes walking and other simple exercises based on the affected area under the guidance of a Physiotherapist. This will help the patient to improve their flexibility and overcome the pain.
  • They emphasize on maintaining the correct weight to reduce the pressure on the joints.
  • They also ensure that the patients follow a healthy diet, take adequate water along with various therapies after confirmation from the doctor.
  • The caregivers also ensure that the patients have adequate night’s sleep thereby giving the necessary rest to the muscles.
  • Along with all the above, the patients are regularly given the necessary medicines as prescribed by the doctor.

If the patients thus cooperate with the caregivers from One Life Health Care, then they are sure to get a positive result out of it, thereby preventing them from further chronic development of the disease.