Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) are embedded into our clinical and operational work flow with the objective of monitoring performance and achieving superior results. The benchmarks are set based on published data of Centres for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) and other leading performance monitoring organizations like Leapfrog Group and Joint Commission International (JCI). One Life endeavours to meet or exceed the national averages consistently.

Our teams consisting of Medical Head, Nurse Managers and Medical Officers meet at regular intervals to review the patient data and the key performance indicators across various functions. Data is compared against clinical, operational and financial metrics that fall under the following broad groups, and required action plan is made with adjustments for improvements on an ongoing basis.

Health Care Quality Benchmarks

Our quality benchmarks include specific measures that utilize patient / customer encounter data. This includes measures like on-time medication administration, bed sores per 1000 patient days, documentation, UTI and others.

Patient Safety Benchmarks

These benchmarks provide an analysis of patient safety and quality measures. Examples include, bed falls, incident reporting, medication errors and others.

Patient Satisfaction Benchmarks

These indicators are aimed at measuring the patient experience and outcomes. Data is captured from various sources including the Patient / customer feedback form.