palliative care at home

Pain is the most dreaded aspect of any chronic disease or post- operative healing taken up by patients and the care takers. Pain management is the most essential part which needs to be taken care-of once the patient return  home after a chronic ailment or post operation from the hospital. It is tough as the patient won’t be on any medical support and would be undergoing physical and emotional stress related to their pain. In such circumstances,the following steps needs to be taken to have better pain management by the caretakers at home.

  • The patients can be provided with breathing exercises to relax their body and mind. This will help them to divert their attention from pain and let them relax. Deep breathing provides more oxygen to the body which aids in relaxing the body and mind thereby reducing the pain on physiological and psychological level too.
  • Stress busting activities like exercise, listening to soothing music, or doing something which is of interest to the patient will also help in managing the pain in better way. Mind is the main cause of all agonies, if mind is perturbed from the pain and if engaged in other activities,then pain will soothe faster than the required time to get better.
  • Keep track the level of pain you are going through on a regular basis by having a log of pain so that when you visit your doctor you will be in a better position to explain it to your doctor for a clear idea of your recovery from surgery or illness.
  • Maintaining a balanced diet aiding the digestion process which is essential for pain management that to be taken care of at home. Pain management includes keeping the body fit, weight under control and a good sleep through the night. All this in a complete package rejuvenates the body and aids the patient to go through the pain with ease.
  • Above all, the medicines provided by doctor for the recovery of patient from surgery or illness needs to be monitored in correspondence with the doctor advice for better recovery. In case of pain shooting up beyond bearing levels one should get in touch with the doctor and get the patient checked for the same.