palliative care at home

A patient who is terminally ill and moving towards the end of his or her life needs palliative care,as cure for such illness is not possible any further. The patients with terminal cancer or some disease which led the patient to a position from where there is no looking back. The condition of some patients where the behavior or symptoms can be controlled and it can be done through Palliative care at home.

The main aim of Palliative care at home is to treat and manage physical symptoms along with managing pain. Palliative care at home also aids in providing psychological,social and spiritual needs of the patients. The treatment also involves therapies, medical care, administer medicines and other support activities with the help of specialised teams to ease out the pain and suffering of the patients. The Palliative care is also called as end of life Care as it is provided to a person who is  nearing the end of life.

Palliative care at home is to provide an environment where there is care, love and support from people who are near and dear ones. It also aids in improving the present quality of life before the patient meets his or her end. It also provides much relief to the patient from the distressing symptoms which patient goes through. Dying being a natural process, support life system through palliative care provides healthy and quality life yet it doesn’t postpones or quickens death. Palliative care at home enables active life before the end and aids the family as well as the patient to cope up the treatment or the bereavement.

The palliative care provided at home through professional care is done through team work aiding the family and the patient to overcome the fear and anxiety with ease. Thus Palliative care provided at home for terminally ill and old people is beneficial as it reduces stress for people at home as well as for the patient.