osteoarthritis in women

In a fast paced life, with higher levels of sophistication and all the activities being done by machines, laziness and lethargy has become the order of the day. This has led to all kinds of diseases and disorders creeping into the human system. This is a major issue in seniors too who due to aging have slowed down in physical work and lost the nutrition due to lack of appetite. It is essential that physical activity and nutrition is added to the regular routine of the seniors for their better life style.

The quality of life led by the adults has de-treated in last 50 years and it can be enhanced by increasing the physical activity as the body will function in a better way and with a better functioning body the senior’s well-being is taken care of. The inclusion of physical activities as a regular regime will be inclusive of walking, exercises, cardio, breathing exercises, cycling off and on, small levels of trekking, running etc. The physical activities like above will aid the seniors to rejuvenate the physical body in terms of dexterity, cognition, and to perform regular activities in day to day life, emotional well-being and adherence to worldly affairs too. All these lead to personal satisfaction and the zeal to live life to the fullest is also adhered to.

When the elderly start the physical activities on a regular basis increases their self-esteem and positive attitude towards life but to bring up the regularity in the physical regime one needs to coax themselves in doing it on a regular basis or should join groups that are conducting regular physical exercise classes. The recreation of physical activities in day to day life will increase the life expectancy of the seniors as physical activities induce good enzymes which keeps people happy and healthy in the long run.

Along with physical exercise nutrition is also essential in keeping good health. Nutrition in elderly people is based on their health conditions and the dietary intake they have been prescribed with. The elderly can be given a balanced diet which is rich in proteins, roughage, carbohydrates, lower level of fats etc. The highest level of nutrition can be attained from fruits, vegetables, legumes, pulses, grains etc. In case of physical ailments in the elderly, the diet prescribed by the doctors needs to be adhered to along with nominated physical workout so that the health condition does not deteriorate from what it is now. The nutrition from the food can be supplemented with health drinks based on the requirements of the elderly in the form of calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron etc.

The above suggests that any age groups needs physical activity and nutrition to have a happy and healthy life especially the elderly group of people to have a quality life till the end.