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In any weather condition, falling sick is the most unwanted yet the most common part of anyone’s life on earth. The most common of all the sicknesses that attack a human body is the food poisoning in any season especially in summer. It’s most painful and much disgusting sickness to happen to anyone. The reason why we fall sick with food poisoning in summer is that a bacterium multiplies faster in the increased temperature setup. It can be mild to high level food poisoning and both can be prevented in different ways. The milder food poisoning can be taken care of with home remedies and mild medications but in case of a severe food poisoning, patient may have to be hospitalized for some time based on the health condition.

How to prevent Food Poisoning in Summer?

As discussed above food poisoning is a sickness that is a resultant of eating contaminated food, toxic food or spoiled food. The major amount of contamination in food happens in the summer season as it is the best breeding and growing time for bacterium. The symptoms that indicate food poisoning are vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, stomach and abdominal ache, cramps along with fever and lack of appetite. If the symptoms are not under controllable situation immediate hospitalization is advised. In order to prevent the above from happening certain tips are to be followed with due diligence at home and outside especially in summers. The tips are listed below for making them easily understandable and follow able.

  • The contamination need not enter the system through contaminated food but through the dirty utensils that are being used for cooking or serving the food. The kitchen area might be clean but if the utensils are not cleansed properly, then there is a high chance of bacteria breeding in them and then get ingested in your gut to create the trouble it is meant to create. It is always advisable to cleanse and rinse the utensils before cooking or serving the food.
  • Heat in the atmosphere aids the growth of bacterium, it is advisable not to eat any leftover food from past day dinner even if it has been stored in the refrigerator as the bacterium would have breed strong enough to contaminate the food thereby poisoned the food to be ingested by your gut. Especially in summers do have fresh and well cooked food to save you from food poisoning.
  • Cooked food should be kept open outside only for 2 hours and needs to be cooked on high flame to kill bacterium breeding in. The food should be cooked thoroughly whether is vegetarian or non-vegetarian.
  • Fresh vegetables, fruits and sprouts needs to be taken after washing them with warm water and rock salt to avoid bacterial growth. If not then cook them, saute them and then eat them.
  • The dish cleaning clothes needs to be changed on a regular basis. According to UK based Global Hygiene Council, 60 percent of dish clothes breed deadly bacteria like E.coli if kept unwashed for long.

Thus if the following steps mentioned above are taken in to consideration, one can avoid getting food poisoning in summers.