Qualities of Care Giver

Who are caregivers and what do they do?

Caregivers come in all shapes and sizes. They could be a family member taking care of his/her loved one or could be professional caregivers providing quality medical care. Caregivers could be men or women. Despite all these differences, the common aspects among all of them are the qualities they have as good caregivers.

Qualities that define a good caregiver :

1) Caring :

The basic job description is to be caring. It is important to be compassionate and caring towards the patient to make him not feel like a burden. This attitude can put the patient at ease while he is benefitting from the services of his caregiver.

2) Cheerful :

A smile and a cheerful mood can be contagious. It can lighten the mood of the patient and entertain him, thus improving his overall well-being. A good sense of humor can also be an indication of being capable of coping with the stress that comes with care giving.

3) Patient and flexible :

There are good days and bad days for a person who needs to be taken care of. The caregiver should be patient with him on the days he is uncooperative. There could also be other challenges with regard to the health of the patient. The caregiver might have to adjust the kind of care to be given according to the patient’s requirements.

4) Dependable and honest :

It is important for the caregiver to understand the needs of the patient and exude confidence so that it helps to put the patient at ease. The caregiver should be honest with regard to their duties towards the patient. Sometimes caregivers are in charge of the house and money of the patient; in such cases also honesty and dependability are indispensable.

Being proactive, emotionally stable, and perceptive to the needs of the patient are also important qualities a good caregiver should possess.

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