Fibroids and Polyps


Food is one of the vital elements for the survival of people in this erratic environment. It is important that we take food that contains the required amount of nutrients like proteins, vitamins, calcium, fat etc in the required quantity for a healthy lifestyle. The patients who are not able to take any oral intake can started on IV nutrition.

TPN and PPN are two significant processes of sourcing nutrition to the patients. In case of TPN (Total Parenteral Nutrition), the entire supply of nutrition is given to the patient through IV in the larger vein particularly in the neck or chest. This is generally given for a longer duration for patients suffering from disorders, accidents etc and the concentration of medication is on the higher side. In case of PPN(Peripheral) Parenteral Nutrition, there is only partial supply of nutrients, given through IV in the peripheral vein. This is generally for a short period.

TPN/PPN at Home

Once the patient is discharged, then the following precautions should be taken at home:

  • The patient or the respective care taker should be well versed with the administration of TPN/ PPN.
  • The nurse will assess the patients in the following criterias : physical, emotion wise, psychological aspects and finally the development and support systems in detail.
  • The medication is to be prepared in the right quantity at the right interval.
  • The refrigerators where the medication is stored should be clean and hygienic. It should not be accessible to children and pets at home.
  • The patient should wash his hands at the required situations and the area should be a smoke free zone.