Geriatric care at home

Parkinsonism is an inability faced by individuals with respect to movement of muscles due to damage to  the neurological component. It basically comprises of four aspects namely

  • Muscle inflexibility.
  • Unable to maintain a postural balance, thereby tending to fall quite often.
  • Slight tremors or twitching in various body parts, which in most of the cases cease to exist once the actual movement in the body starts.
  • Lesser movement in the body termed as Bradykinesia and on the other hand, the entire loss of an ability of an individual to make any physical movement which is called Akinesia.

People above the age of 60 are majorly affected by this disease and it is men who are more prone to be affected than women.  It may be due to a combination of various environmental factors and genetic factors.  This disease distinctly affects a particular section of the brain that has control over movement of the muscles and effects the production of dopamine, which is an important component for muscle movement. In the absence of Dopamine, the overall muscle movement and functions would get seriously affected. Thus the older adults suffering from this disease have major effects in their body like memory loss, depression, excess sweating, lack of sleep, anxiety etc, and thus would require specialized nursing care to be gentle and encourage rehabilitation and recovery

The Doctors and nursing care givers at One Life Health Care provide vital support to such patients at door step like:

  • Proper intake of medicines prescribed to the patients to increase the level of Dopamine in the body are to be adhered to.
  • Basic Therapies prescribed for the patients must be followed.
  • The patients suffering from this conditions are required to be assisted by nursing care givers

Thus, this condition is not a scary one and there are plenty of treatments available to enhance the quality of life of a patient. But at the same time, the patients have to cooperate with the caregivers to reap the required benefit.