What is Physiotherapy?

A multi dimensional therapy which aids in the healing of wide variety of illnesses comprising of arthritis, sports related injuries and respiratory issues. Physiotherapy focuses on the rehabilitation and restoration of muscle, skeletal and circulatory system in a human body. The process of healing through physiotherapy relives the patient from the pain which he or she goes through after a series of sessions, as advised by the physician based on the issues in the body. The same has been discussed in detail in the following section: Healing through Physiotherapy

Healing Through Physiotherapy

Healing through Physiotherapy can be experienced for varied issues in the body,but in majority of patients are advised for physiotherapy in few cases like muscle ache, arthritis, sports related injuries and respiratory issues etc.

Muscle aches commonly occur in the back of our body affecting a lot of young and middle aged people who are driving a lot and sitting along with their lap tops and mobile phones for long time. The physiotherapy performed eases the stiffness in the muscles and reduces the pain caused by the stiffness and helps the blood to flow freely through the muscles. Physiotherapy of the muscles eases out the tension in and around the affected muscle area.

Physiotherapy is the best option in case of sports injuries caused due to frantic and demanding sports schedules leading to exertion of muscles and joints. Physiotherapy provides flexibility and eases out the stiffness from the muscles. In case of injury, physiotherapy facilitates the rehabilitation process to facilitate faster healing.

In case of arthritis in older people,massage therapy eases the stiffness in the joints leading to better blood flow to the muscles leading to enhanced physical movement. Gentle physical exercises help better movement in older people.

In case of respiratory issues, through physiotherapy exercises it is easy clear the chest and ease out the breathing. Physiotherapy also corrects the posture of sitting and lying to enhance better breathing.

Thus are the benefits of healing through physiotherapy in old as well as young people without much side affects.